Genius Reseller Programme

Join the Genius Reseller Programme today to start your financial freedom journey.

  • Earn recurring commission every month
  • Pandemic Proof, 100% retention rate through Pandemic
  • Full Training & Support provided
  • You choose how many people to resell to
  • You choose who you resell to
  • No sales targets, no pressure
  • High conversion rate ~ 90%
Trainer Platform is FREE

How does it work?

Reselling Genius

The Genius Reseller Programme allows you to resell Genius Training Management Software to any company who requires software to track the training of their clients or employees.

Genius is paid for on a monthly subscription basis. When you resell Genius to a client you earn 20% of that monthly subscription, each and every month. The minimum contract for Genius is 12 months so for each subscription that you sell you will earn 20% of the subscription value for a guaranteed minimum of 12 months.

Example; You resell a Genius subscription for 5 users.

Client Pays: £1,000 per month.
You earn: £200 per month.

So you make a single sale, and earn £200 per month ongoing while that client remains with Genius (minimum 12 months).
If the clients remains with us for 10 years, you earn £200 per month for 10 years from that single sale.

The vast majority of our clients stay with Genius indefinitely, so while they continue to pay their subscription, you continue to earn your commission.

Choose Your Own Clients

You choose who you resell to, existing clients of yours or completely new clients anywhere in the world.

Recurring Monthly Commission

When you resell Genius once you continue to earn commission from that sale every month.

Fit's Around Your Existing Business

Reselling Genius naturally fits in around your existing business with No sales targets and No pressure.

Excellent Customer Service

You resell, we then take over keeping your clients happy with outstanding customer service.

Dashboard To Monitor Your Sales

Use our online Dashboard to record and monitor your clients, sales and commissions.

Free Training & Ongoing Support

All the training and support you'll ever need by telephone, email & screen sharing, and all Free of charge.

Call us for a chat on: 0330 113 7783

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We have grown more in 1 year since using Genius than in the previous 6 years without it!

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