How will a Training Management System help my Business?

There are many reasons why Genius Training Management System or any Training Management Software for that matter will help you to streamline your business, raising efficiency putting you in a position where you can grow exponentially.

Save 65% of your training administration time
Full unlimited training & support
No charge for adding customers/learners

How will a Training Management System help my Business?

Organizing your data
Organizing your data is absolutely essential to the smooth running and growth of your business. Read this article on Analyzing your Business Data
Many of our new clients come to us from using either spreadsheets or some generic CRM software that is not designed for managing training.
Software that is designed specifically for training from the ground up should meet your every requirement, or very close to it.

If you are using spreadsheets to manage a few training courses now and you are small, that's fine, but when you grow imagine how much more complicated and time consuming that will become. Even if you don't grow, you continue at your current rate running a few courses, but in weeks and months that will amount to tens, hundreds, thousands of courses and a large number of learners. Then there is all of the order information, invoice and payment information, customer details, learner details, qualification information, expiry information and renewal information.. the list goes on.

Organizing your data essentially means you will be able to view any aspect of your data within a few mouse clicks, it also means that data is 'linked together' meaning if you click on an order, you can see who placed the order, what they booked and when, when the event is running, who they booked on to it, the qualifications that learner already has, when they expire, emergency contact information for the learner in case of an accident and so much more. All of this is done seamlessly with a TMS (Training Management System) and none of this is possible with spreadsheets.

Clear and Concise data
Keeping your data clean and concise is also vital to the smooth running of your business. If you data is incorrect, you are in a world of trouble. Training Management Software will help you to maintain accurate and concise data, in fact, Genius Training Management Software actually manages this for you using advanced algorithms.

Time Saving
So given the above, your data is organized, clean and concise. This alone will save you countless hours.
Industry leading Training Management Software such as Genius will also include single data input, which means you only ever type data into Genius once. You will only ever enter a course name once, a customers name once, a learners name once, an address once and so on. This saves a huge amount of input time when you multiply this by thousands of customers, learners, addresses, courses etc. Sending personlised joining instructions and emails, printing certificates can all be done with a few mouse click and zero typing. This reduces the chance of introducing inaccurate data and spelling mistakes into your software which is a huge bonus.
The automation of tasks is another huge time saver. For example when you create a new training event in Genius, the system actually generates joining instructions for you automatically, including all of the information required for your learners to attend the event without having to type in more data. This even includes a Google Map and Live Google Satellite Navigation driving instructions.
It's called Genius for a reason ;-)

Money Saving
On average our clients save 65% of their planning scheduling and management time when using Genius. That's a huge amount of your working day, then when you multiply that across a month, a year the savings become huge.
The average working year is 260 days minus holidays. So let's say it's 230 working days a year. At 65% time saving that means Genius will save you 149 days PER YEAR per person. in your business.

How much money is that saving you?

As you can see a high quality Training Management System actually pays for itself.

If you want to raise efficiency and grow your business you really can't afford to not have Genius in your business.

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